Married To The Promise (Book pdf)

Married to the Promise is an explosive double-packed autobiography of Elder Alex
Pineda and his late wife, Evangelist Carolyn Jenkins-Pineda. This candid inspiring
love story of Biblical promise and God's faithfulness will leave you astounded.
Witness how tears of sorrow become tears of praise—with God. As you embark
upon Alex's early childhood and teenage years of drug and alcohol addiction, and
homelessness, you simultaneously journey through Carolyn's teenage and young
adult trials; peering into the painstaking deaths of her infant twin sons, and fiancé, all
afflicted with the AIDS virus. God stepped in and saved Alex during a church service
in Puerto Rico, and later saved Carolyn at a revival in New Jersey. Thanks be to God
for the preordained marriage of Alex and Carolyn which birthed a dynamic duo
ministry of divine healing that changed lives around the world. God's love fulfilled
all of the promises He made to Carolyn and Alex, and Carolyn survived 23 years with
the AIDS virus. Throughout their stories, you are encouraged and reminded that
God's grace is sufficient in every one of your trials.
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